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Doncaster Business Awards 2024


Please note, entries for the Doncaster Business Awards closed on Friday the 28th of July. 

Each of the awards has a set of criteria to be scored against that are relevant to that award.

These criteria are to be scored at the written submission stage (Stage 1) by the Business Awards Panel (each criteria will be scored out of ten, one being poor, ten being excellent) and then again at the interview stage (Stage 2) by the judges (each criteria again scored out of ten).

Each award category will include an unscored question which will ask the entrant to describe their business in fewer than 400 words. This is simply to allow judges to get a good understanding of the company, its customers, competitors, challenges and opportunities.

When submitting their nomination form (to, entrants may also supply a maximum of 3 pieces of supporting evidence. This must consist of images only, whether that's a charts, a photograph etc.


Stage 1 (Entries Now Closed)

  • Every entry will  be evaluated and scored by the Business Awards Panel based on a set criteria for the award category.
  • Every criteria answer will be scored on a scale of one to ten (one being poor, ten being excellent).
  • The Business Awards Panel will shortlist up to six finalists per award category.
  • The Business Awards Panel will consist of representatives from Doncaster Chamber and other respected organisations.
  • Stage 1 judging scores will count for 30% of the overall score.

Stage 2 

  • Each award category will have two judges for Stage 2: one sponsor judge and one Doncaster Chamber representative.
  • Judges will be asked to spend approximately one hour and fifteen minutes with each finalist.
  • Judges are free to set their own questions/conduct interviews and discussion as they wish but they must drill down into the relevant criteria.
  • Awards entrants will be asked to present for 10-15 minutes at the start of the interview to help judges to understand the business. The presentation will not be scored and should not exceed 15 minutes. This need not be a formal presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi or otherwise) - the purpose is simply to describe the business so that it can be assessed fairly.
  • Every criteria will be scored on a scale of one to ten (one being poor, ten being excellent).
  • Stage 2 judges will not see scores from Stage 1 judging at any point.
  • Stage 2 judging scores will count for 70% of the overall score.

What happens next?

  • Following Stage 2 judging, the Doncaster Chamber event organiser will add up all scores, apply the necessary scoring adjustments (for eligible categories), and verify results.
  • The entrants with the highest overall scores will be confirmed as the winner and runner up for each category.

Handicap system:

In order to support smaller businesses that are likely to have less resources to dedicate to the awards process, a handicap system will be in place.

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