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Doncaster ‘35: A Manifesto For A Winning City

Our Vision

for Doncaster is that, in just ten years’ time, it will be seen – both within and without – as a winning city that is vibrant, dynamic and at the bleeding edge of developing trends.

Doncaster '35

Summary of "Doncaster 35 - A Manifesto for a Winning City"

Doncaster, having achieved city status in 2022, is at a pivotal moment of transformation. The city aims to build on its rich history and leverage its innovative business environment and dynamic workforce to become a model of modern urban development by 2035.

Economic Vision
Doncaster's economy has diversified and strengthened over the past two decades, yet it faces challenges such as the impact of the pandemic and economic recession. The city's leadership emphasises the need for a robust private sector and a conducive business environment to continue this progress. Key priorities include addressing skills gaps, enhancing transport infrastructure, and revitalising the city centre to attract both residents and investors.

City Centre Revitalisation
The manifesto outlines a vision for a thriving, safe, and aesthetically pleasing city centre by 2035. This includes redeveloping commercial spaces, improving public safety and cleanliness, and enhancing green spaces. The plan stresses the importance of a mixed-use urban core that supports retail, residential, educational, and leisure activities. Collaboration between public and private sectors is crucial to achieving these goals.

Transport Infrastructure
Doncaster's strategic location makes it a national hub for logistics and distribution. The manifesto advocates for the development of a world-class transport system, including the revitalisation of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, enhanced rail services, and improved local transport links. This vision includes becoming a centre of excellence for transport-related industries and sustainable mobility.

Workforce Development
Addressing the skills gap is critical for Doncaster's future. The manifesto proposes the establishment of a higher education institution aligned with the city's economic needs, improved careers advice in schools, and stronger collaboration between education providers and businesses. These initiatives aim to create a talent pipeline that supports the growth of emerging sectors such as AI, digital services, and green technologies.

Strategic Partnerships
The manifesto calls for strengthening 'Team Doncaster,' a partnership between business, civic leaders, and local government. It emphasises the need for cohesive efforts to attract investment, develop strategic assets, and advocate for the city's interests at the national level. The creation of a 'Doncaster Champions' programme aims to leverage the influence of city alumni to promote Doncaster globally.

The document outlines specific actions and asks for public sector partners to achieve these goals. These include improving city centre safety, enhancing transport infrastructure, and developing a higher education campus. The private sector is expected to take a leading role in driving these initiatives, with support from the Doncaster Chamber and other local organisations.


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Dan Fell, CEO Doncaster Chamber

Doncaster achieved city status in 2022. It has a proud past and the potential for a prosperous future too. We have innovative and forward-thinking businesses, alongside talented and dynamic workers. We define ourselves by what we can do, rather than by what we cannot. Doncaster is our city, and we are unashamedly proud of it.

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