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Armed Forces Covenant

The Covenant is a promise from the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

The Armed Forces Covenant relies on the people, communities, and businesses of the UK to actively support it in order to make a difference.

Businesses and charitable organisations who wish to demonstrate their support for the Armed Forces community can sign the Covenant. Organisations can make a range of written and publicised promises to set out their support to members of the Armed Forces community who work in their business or access their products and services.

The level of support will depend on the size and nature of the organisation, but typically includes policies that: encourage reserve service; support employment of veterans and service spouses/partners; give the Armed Forces community a fair deal on commercial products and services. More than 2000 businesses and charities have signed an Armed Forces Covenant, and that number continues to grow.

How can the MOD and the Armed Forces community support businesses?

The Armed Forces community can contribute real value to a business, both as employees, who bring a wealth of skills and experience, and as customers. The Armed Forces Covenant encourages the Armed Forces community to do their bit to nurture this two-way relationship. It is important that Defence seeks to foster an open and honest relationship with employers and that we ensure the needs of companies are considered alongside those of Defence and the Armed Forces community.

Members of the Armed Forces community are urged to declare themselves as such and build an open relationship with their employer. To play its part, the MOD will continue to support business needs, including by providing training and support to those leaving the Armed Forces as they transition to employment in civilian life.

How can businesses support veterans?

You may wish to:

  • Offer guaranteed interviews to veterans, young and old, if they meet the selection criteria laid out in a job advert
  • Support the employment, where appropriate, of wounded, injured or sick veterans
  • Recognise military skills and qualifications when interviewing for new positions
  • Hold briefing days specifically for those leaving the Armed Forces, as a way to raise awareness of the opportunities for employment in your business

How can businesses support the employment of service spouses and partners?

You may wish to:

  • Focus recruiting effort on the Armed Forces community, such as advertising through ‘service-friendly’ recruitment agencies and service charities
  • Offer guaranteed interviews to spouses/partners if they meet the selection criteria laid out in a job advert
  • If you have branches in multiple geographic areas, committing to attempt to find alternative employment within the business in another location, if they need to move to accompany their partner

Find out more about the Covenant on the Armed Forces Covenant website.

Our Pledge

Read Doncaster Chamber's pledge to support the Armed Forces Covenant.

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