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What does this service provide for my business?

This service will help you work out if your business is entitled to claim R&D tax reliefs for innovation. Radius will put your claim together, review it carefully and submit on your behalf. R&D tax relief is very generous and can be worth around £25k in savings for every £100k spent innovating.



How do I access this service?

Members can get a free estimate of how much R&D tax relief they may be entitled to claim by using our R&D tax relief calculator.

Members may also speak to one of the Radius team through a free 30-minute, no-obligation consultation. Here our team will discuss your eligibility, how much you may be able to claim, and how the claim process works.

For all R&D enquiries, you can contact the team directly on 0114 2671617, or you can visit the Radius website here.

Chamber members can take advantage of the Radius team’s unrivalled expertise in helping companies claim R&D tax relief. The team has helped companies save over £18m in R&D tax relief over the last 6 years, with an average claim value of £38,000.

The Radius team includes an ex-HMRC inspector, who reviews every claim to ensure it is valid before submission; this is why Radius has never had a claim amended as a result of an HMRC enquiry.

Members are welcome to try our interactive R&D tax relief calculator here – all you need to know is the type of company, how much has been spent on R&D, and what profit was generated in the same year.

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