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International Trade

AEO Consultancy Services

An internationally-recognised quality mark, having Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status indicates that your role in the international supply chain is secure. It also signifies that your customs controls and procedures are both efficient and compliant.

Although it is not mandatory at the moment, having accredited AEO status means that you will have a distinct advantage when it comes to importing and exporting. You will benefit from streamlined customs processes and fast-tracked shipments through border control. Indirectly, the status also strengthens your reputation as a safe and secure trading partner.

Due to the changing face of international trade and World Customs Organisation (WCO) objectives, having AEO status may become even more important in the future, as those holding it will (by default) receive priority clearance. Meanwhile, those who are not accredited will be subject to detrimental impacts on their customs related activity, both operationally and financially.

The benefits of AEO -

Reduced administration

Movement of goods

Improved security & safety

Improved supply chain predictability and consistency

Simplified Customs declarations and EIDR (Entry in Declarant’s Records)

Transit simplifications

Priority treatment of consignments if selected for control

The option of a centralised clearance self-assessment

Easier admittance to special procedures such as CSFP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures), temporary storage and customs warehousing

Duty deferment guarantee reduction and SIVA (Simplified Import VAT Accounting)

Guarantee reductions or waivers

Removal of previous sales provisions relating to valuations

How can we help

It can be time-consuming to achieve AEO status. We can help you through every step of this daunting process, from preparing and assessing if your business is ready to submit a formal application, to successfully achieving and maintaining the status.


There are two tiers of service, outlined below. 

Tier 1 - Customs Compliance Audit

A full audit and risk assessment of your current international operations and customs procedures against the required AEO standard.

Working with your finance and operations departments — as well as any other staff involved in international trade administration — we will conduct a full audit and risk assessment of your current international operations and customs procedures against the required standard. You will be provided with a detailed corrections report of the actions your business needs to take, and any enhancements and changes that need to be made to achieve a successful application for AEO status.

Subject to the complexity of your company’s structure and the number of sites to cover, this process typically takes two days. At this stage, subject to our recommendations, if required we can continue to full AEO approval (See Tier 2)

Tier 2 – Full AEO Approval

This level includes working with your business through the entire compliance and application process for AEO status.

In this case, your business will achieve the level of compliance required to become accredited with Approved Exporter Status (AES) and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). Your business will also meet the standard for ISO 28000 approval.

The first stage of this tier will involve conducting an initial control assessment of your business against the required standard (See Tier 1). We will then support your business in implementing any new procedures required and ensure that your documentation for ongoing WCO is upheld.

As part of the application process, HMRC will visit your business to conduct its own audit: evaluating your finances; shipping procedures; site security; and customs compliance. As such, we will conduct a trial application prior to your submission, in order to ensure that nothing is amiss.

Finally, we will assist you in completing every section of the final application and be present throughout the HRMC audit.

International Trade Services
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