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AI Trailblazer Becomes Latest Patron of Doncaster Chamber

Mark Taylor Edit

A trailblazing business, that is making huge waves in the fast-developing world of Artificial Intelligence, has become the newest patron of Doncaster Chamber.

Recognised as an internationally-leading pioneer in their respective field, Automated Analytics was established back in 2013 after its founder, Mark Taylor, spotted a gap in the market. Having identified an oversight in the sales process at his previous place of work — in that, there was no way of seeing if leads were being reliably converted once they had progressed from online search to offline calls — Mark was struck with inspiration and decided to create a solution that would provide a complete overview of the entire customer journey.

The end result of this was “Call360”, a piece of AI speech analytics software that records, transcribes and categorises every single customer call that an organisation has (without a person ever having to listen in). Once they are equipped with this data, businesses are able to glean useful insights like: the reason for incoming calls; their outcomes; and which search engine keywords or marketing sources are most consistently driving sales. In turn, this allows the firms in question to better understand the effectiveness of their current marketing strategy and to optimise it accordingly.

Capitalising upon this success, Mark and his team later rolled out TalentTrack — which provides similar analytics for the recruitment process, enabling businesses to see which job boards and online channels are working best for them — and they still have many other exciting products in the pipeline as well.

Today, Automated Analytics is known as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the North of England and counts the likes of KFC, Taco Bell, EG America and Panera Bread amongst its high profile clientele. Not to mention, they were also named as a runner-up in the 2023 Doncaster Business Awards’ “Innovator of the Year” category, where they were applauded for their forward-thinking approach.

With all of that said, the local Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to have such a cutting-edge business in its network and is proud that they have taken the next step to become a patron member.

Welcoming them aboard in this capacity, Dan Fell, Chief Exec of Doncaster Chamber, enthused: “It goes without saying that AI is a rapidly developing sector, one that is becoming more pertinent by the day, and that we are on the cusp of an associated revolution that will span all industries.

“We are therefore delighted to have a home-grown Doncaster business that has deservedly made a name for itself in this emerging field join our patron family. Automated Analytics bring much-needed expertise into our network and their knowledge will help us to get to grips with the intricacies and latest developments of Artificial Intelligence, as well as the various opportunities it represents. I am immensely looking forward to working with them more closely now so that, together, we can ensure our city is ahead of the curve in this crucial area. We expect Automated Analytics to be at the vanguard of Doncaster’s emerging digital sector for many years to come.”

Echoing these sentiments, Mark Taylor, Founder and CEO of Automated Analytics, said: “Becoming a patron of Doncaster Chamber is a testament to the incredible journey we have been on over the past decade, scaling to a client base well-exceeding 4,000 globally. Doncaster is a very exciting place to being doing business right now, a city on the cusp of becoming the UK’s leading destination for innovative digital and technology businesses to locate and grow.”

Membership at Doncaster Chamber is divided into three separate tiers (those being bronze, silver and gold) and, depending on which of these packages a business chooses, they will be entitled to various different benefits. This could entail anything from complimentary event tickets to one2one business support, HR & legal services, and increased networking opportunities.

By becoming patrons, however, select businesses like Automated Analytics are able to take their relationship with the Chamber to the next level. It is the highest possible tier of membership and signifies a commitment between the two organisations that they will start working together even more closely.

More information about Chamber Membership and its benefits can be found below. Meanwhile, the full list of current patrons is also available on the Chamber website.



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