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LSIP Stakeholder Briefing (27/02/2023)

We are now three weeks into the fieldwork for the LSIP, and I am pleased to report that we are gathering lots of interesting data so far.

Between both the Digital Skills Survey and the one-to-one diagnostic consultations, there has been a really strong response from the business community. However, we still need your help to spread the message even wider.

The LSIP is all about ensuring that the region’s skills system is agile and that it meets the requirement of employers. For the plan to be suitably all-encompassing, it is vital that we engage with a range of local firms (of various sizes and from across different sectors) and find out what they actually want from their future talent. Once we are equipped with those insights, we can then begin to accordingly reshape training provision and education curriculums here in South Yorkshire, with the ultimate goal of closing the Digital Skills gap.

If you would like a more comprehensive breakdown of what we are trying to achieve, click here. The important part, however, is that we need to be canvassing as many businesses as possible.

The Digital Skills Survey: How You Can Help

At the moment, we are using two primary methods for capturing the views of businesses.
First and foremost, there is the Digital Skills Survey. This in-depth questionnaire provides firms with an opportunity to articulate their skills needs for the future and to tell us about any difficulties they are encountering when it comes to building a tech-savvy workforce. Covering the topic from all angles, it has sections on social media, data, software, web content, cyber security, automation, equipment usage and much more.

In terms of why firms should feel incentivised to take the time out of their busy days and complete the survey, the key point is that their responses will feed directly into the development of the South Yorkshire LSIP.  After all, we have a strong commitment from the region’s universities, colleges, education providers and its commissioning bodies that they will heed what businesses have to say here.

While we are making good progress with the survey, we have set ourselves a very ambitious target of reaching 10% of South Yorkshire businesses. To help us meet that goal, we need you to give the survey a bit of an extra push.

Specifically, it would be greatly appreciated if colleagues could share the link with their contacts and promote it on social media. We have prepared ready-made assets (which can be downloaded below), so this should only take a couple of minutes of your time. When encouraging others to complete the survey, make sure to emphasize that it’s not just another ordinary questionnaire, and that its findings will have a major impact on the future of skills in Doncaster.

Some of you have already been using your platforms to help spread that message, and it’s made a huge difference. So I’d just like to say thank you and please keep that momentum going.

Diagnostic Consultations: How To Get Involved

The other way that we are gathering views here is through more extensive, one-to-one diagnostics.

Taking the form of interviews, these enable businesses to go into more detail about their experiences with the skills system and how they think it could be improved. This is obviously valuable to us, as it gives us more in-depth insights to draw from, but it’s also beneficial to the businesses themselves, as they get to have more of a say in what the future looks like and might even be referred to existing support where relevant.

If you would like to get involved with conducting these interviews (and have relevant experience with similar diagnostics or just strong relationships with local businesses) then please contact We do have budget set aside for this.

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  • We are now three weeks into the LSIP fieldwork and have been getting a lot of useful data
  • However, we do have an ambitious goal to engage with 10% of the region’s businesses and so need your help to spread the message further
  • Please encourage your contacts to fill in the survey and share the link on social media (using the resources provided above):
  • If you would like to assist with the delivery on one-to-one diagnostics, please email
  • Also, don’t forget to fill in the Digital Skills Survey yourself if you haven’t done so already!



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