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Chamber of Commerce Responds to Doncaster Sheffield Airport Legal Challenge Announcement

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Doncaster Council has today announced that its application to judicially review the decision to close Doncaster Sheffield Airport was unsuccessful. Responding to the council’s statement on this, and the news that they will be progressing with a Compulsory Purchase Order (COP),  Dan Fell, Chief Exec of Doncaster Chamber, said:

“For almost twenty years. Doncaster Sheffield Airport has been supported by South Yorkshire’s business communities. Those same business communities have been clear, from the onset of the Strategic Review, that they see a vibrant international airport as being critical to the success of South Yorkshire’s Strategic Economic Plan and that all options should be on the table.

“As Chambers of Commerce, we stand up for the private sector, enterprise, and compassionate capitalism. Many in the business community therefore find it counter-intuitive to advocate for public sector intervention via something akin to a CPO, particularly given that they understand the significant costs and pitfalls entailed.

“However, over two thirds of respondents to a recent poll of the South Yorkshire business community stated that they would support a CPO, such is the importance of the airport to the future of the economy. Meanwhile, only 7% said they would not, and 25% were unsure.

“We therefore support our public sector partners in pursuing this line of enquiry but are also clear that we would prefer a commercial sale to a new investor as being our ideal way of preserving the airport and getting it on a path to viability. If nothing else, I hope this poll demonstrates to the airport’s owners and central government alike, just how seriously the business community takes the airport issue.

“Finally, it is imperative that, as this issue develops, our political leaders continue to demonstrate to the outside world that tactics such as a CPO are an exception rather than the norm and that South Yorkshire is a resolutely pro-business region.”



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