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Doncaster Chamber Calls For An End To Political Sparring Over Doncaster Sheffield Airport Review

Doncaster Sheffield Airport
It has been three weeks since the owners of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA), Peel Group, announced their intention to conduct a short-term review into the viability of aviation activity at the site.

Ever since this story broke, your Chamber – along with Doncaster Council and the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority – has been in the thick of the action trying to determine the best outcome for the local economy, for residents, and for our business community.

Unfortunately, these collective efforts are now being hindered by political squabbling and politicians playing unhelpful blame games. The chamber is therefore calling for this behaviour to stop and for the region’s political leaders, its MPs and its Councillors to unite under a common goal. Only then, will they be able to focus their collective energies on addressing a gravely important issue for the region’s economy.

Reflecting on this, Dan Fell, Chief Executive of Doncaster Chamber, said: “Whilst people fear for their livelihoods and businesses worry over lost opportunities, it is concerning to see too many of the region’s politicians spending energy on political horse trading and playing blame games.  This must stop now.  The clock is ticking and too much effort is going into politics instead of finding solutions.

“The business community wants to see a united Team South Yorkshire approach to addressing the crisis at Doncaster Sheffield Airport and is aghast at some of the politicking we are seeing.  The tendency of some politicians to say that just one person or organisation can resolve this situation is reductive and unhelpful.  Lots of people and organisations have agency in this and a plethora of people and organisations must take collective responsibility.

"There are numerous talented and committed people trying to pull together to resolve this issue via organised working groups or other informal structures; politicians should be supporting them and not turning them into political footballs, enough is enough.  Please let’s focus on the task in hand and preserve the opportunity of a prosperous aviation sector in South Yorkshire.”

If businesses or residents want to get involved in the conversation about DSA, they can a sign a petition to save the airport here.



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