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Doncaster Chamber responds to reviewed tiered Coronavirus restrictions

Commenting on the confirmation that South Yorkshire will remain in Tier 3 of COVID restrictions, Doncaster Chamber CEO Dan Fell said:

“This is the last thing Doncaster’s business community wanted to hear even if it is largely expected. The continuation of Tier 3 status will have a devastating effect on the hospitality and retail businesses that were hoping that the weeks leading up to Christmas would help to boost their chances of survival.

“Many of these businesses have spent considerable time and money to put in place COVID-safe measures but have found themselves unable to operate in any capacity for months.

"While the furlough scheme remains in place for the time being, more support will be needed for those still unable to open as other overhead costs remain and that support must be proportionate to the hit that businesses continue to take.

“Government needs to do more to prevent the closure of pubs, restaurants and cafes among others, that add so much to our region in terms of culture, economic benefit and jobs.”



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