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  • Doncaster Business Awards fundraising activities will support Riverside charity.

    What Riverside does as a charity?

    Riverside is a group of complementary businesses driven by a clear social purpose, with a charitable housing association at its core.

    Established nearly 90 years ago, we have grown to become a major provider of affordable housing, care and support services in England and Scotland, with over 52,000 homes in management. Operating at scale across over 160 local authorities, our vision is to transform the lives of the 90,000+ people we house and revitalise the neighbourhoods in which they live.

    We transform lives by providing well maintained, good quality affordable housing whilst creating opportunities to increase household income through our programmes of employment, affordable warmth and money advice. Through our housing, care and support services we enable people facing a wide variety of challenging circumstances to lead more resilient and independent lives. We revitalise neighbourhoods by building new homes, creating and maintaining green spaces and bringing people together through our community engagement programmes.

    Riverside is a values-driven organisation, with a strong sense of social responsibility and a firm line in accountability to our customers.

    We provide:

    • affordable homes to rent for singles, couples and families
    • care and support for older people, those at risk of homelessness and other people facing significant challenges in life
    • affordable homes for sale for shared owners and leaseholders
    • market homes for sale to generate profits for our social purpose core business (through commercial subsidiaries and joint ventures)
    • extra services to help sustain tenancies including money advice, employment support and affordable warmth advice.    

    How people are specifically helped in Doncaster:

    Riverside has a number of services in Doncaster which directly help and support the local customers. These include outreach services, hostel accommodation, women’s refuge, drug and alcohol abstinence project, tenancy support services and retirement living. 

    Outreach service - The outreach service works directly with those on the streets of Doncaster, they offer intense support for customers living on the streets with a view to get them into safe and suitable accommodation, help them address any addictions, financial problems and any other problems they face when looking for suitable accommodation. The outreach service includes 2 complex lives workers through Doncaster Council, their role is to work with the most complex of customers to support and encourage them to engage in help offered. The complex lives workers will work with customers on the streets who are long term, entrenched rough sleepers to offer intense support with a view of getting them off the streets. Further to this there are 4 Emergency Beds situated at Wharf House, these beds are allocated through the council (within working hours) and are for those with no current fixed abode. Once placed on the emergency beds the customers will work with the outreach term looking for suitable longer term accommodation. 

    • Hostel accommodation- Riverside has 2 homeless hostels in Doncaster, Open House Plus and Wharf House. Wharf House is 1st stage, direct access accommodation. Here we accept single homeless adults they can be actively using drugs/alcohol, they may have no benefits in place and may need intense support to get settled in their accommodation. Here customers are dedicated a support worker to work with them to set achievable goals with a view of moving them onto long term, suitable accommodation. Wharf House is made up of both 1st stage and 2nd stage accommodation, there are 14 Direct Access rooms and 16 2nd stage accommodation rooms. 2nd stage accommodation is set out in a shared environment with 4 rooms to each pod and a shared kitchen. 2nd stage customers are expected to be more independent that those in 1st stage accommodation, they are expected to cook their own meals and contribute to keeping the shared areas clean and tidy. Open House Plus is purely 2nd stage accommodation, customers accepted here will be engaging with external services for any addictions, they will have an active claim for benefits and they will have lower support needs than those in 1st stage accommodation. 
    • Tenancy support- From the hostels customers will move out into their own accommodation, they will continue to be supported by specially trained support workers in their own homes to help them sustain accommodation. Each of our services have a specific tenancy support service attached to them. The tenancy support teams take referrals internally from the hostels and also externally from the general public in Doncaster for any issues which put a person at risk of losing their accommodation. 
    • Women’s Refuge- The women’s refuge in Doncaster is for vulnerable women and children who are fleeing from domestic violence. They are able to offer specialist courses for women to encourage healthy relationships in the future and also offer support and courses for parenting skills. There are trained workers within the building who offer support and activities to the children of the affected families.  
    • Garnham House- This is an abstinence based project, it is made up of 6 self-contained flats. Customers within this project are supported to be free from drugs and/or alcohol, they must engage in the help and support offered and provide clean drug/alcohol tests during their stay here. From here they will be supported to move into their own suitable, long term accommodation with tenancy support in place if required. 
    • Retirement living- this is a scheme for men and women over the age of 55 to live within the community with support from staff. They are also offered support by volunteers to ensure they are able to sustain and enjoy their tenancy. 
    • Volunteering service- Riverside encourages both customers and ex-customers to volunteer within the services. With roles specifically for those in service and those with lived experience of being in the service previously. Further to this we offer volunteering opportunities for external candidates as well. 


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