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Opportunity Area Virtual Wallet

At Opportunities Doncaster, we are keen to continue bringing businesses and young people together for face to face meaningful encounters, but we also recognise the growing need for virtual delivery.

In the interest of your students' safety and the safety of our employer volunteers, we have made the decision that all of our delivery before January 2021 will be delivered via virtual means. We will continue to review this decision in line with government guidance and keep you informed of any changes to this policy.

We have carefully considered the virtual alternatives which we would like to make available to your school and students as well as the support we will be putting in place to ensure business volunteers are ready to engage in this way.

Due to Covid-19, a number of virtual wallet funded activities were cancelled last academic year. Opportunities Doncaster have been working with the Careers & Enterprise Company to ensure activities that were cancelled are able to go ahead this academic year.

We have been working to develop virtual alternatives which ensure that any engagement with an employer is meaningful.

How do I know if my school has access to virtual wallet activity for 20/21?

Your Enterprise Coordinator will have notified your careers leader of the activity that you have for this academic year. You will only have access to activity that was postponed due to Covid19. For any questions please contact Zoe Catterall.

When does activity have to be delivered by?

Each school will be notified what OA Virtual Wallet activity they have access to for the academic year 20/21. All delivery must be completed by the end of March 2021, with nothing able to carry over past this date.

How do I book my delivery in?

Once you have decided when you would like the activities to take place, please complete the form below for each activity.  The Opportunities Doncaster team will then be in touch to confirm your booking and plan you activity accordingly.

What are the timeframes for making a booking?

All activities need to be booked in, completing the form below and submitting by 23rd October 2020.

How much notice do we need to provide Opportunities Doncaster for each activity?

All activities must be booked in by 23rd October 2020, and require a minimum of a 5 weeks lead time. Should activities be required in October and November, then the booking forms must be submitted 5 weeks in advance.

When do all activities need delivering by?

All activities must be delivered before the end of March 2021.

How will virtual activities be delivered?

Virtual Careers Fairs

These will be facilitated using our online careers platform Remo. Remo enables students to visit virtual stands, and undertake meaningful conversations with employers from a variety of sectors. It is important to note, that each young person for this activity will need access to their own computer to login individually or in pairs. Employers will be briefed in advance to ensure these encounters are meaningful and full training and support will be provided before and during the event from the Opportunities Doncaster team.

Timings will be tailored to ensure a minimum of 200 young people have access to this experience.

Virtual Employer delivered employability skills workshops

These workshops will be delivered online, via video link with sector-specific industry representatives talking to groups of young people, to showcase the personal career journey and current opportunities and pathways within the sector.  The online workshops will focus on core employability competencies and have an activity element that can be delivered online.

Virtual Industry Visits

These will be live virtual tours that allows young people to undertake a live workplace tour, provides students with the opportunity to ask live questions to the employer, apprentices and showcase career pathways for their industry.

What do I do if I have any questions about these activities?

If you have any questions about these activities please contact:

Disclaimer & Quality Assurance:

Opportunities Doncaster require a minimum of 5 weeks’ notice in order to plan and organise each activity.

Please inform Opportunities Doncaster of any changes to your curriculum timetable that could affect any previously planned delivery sessions as soon as possible. In the instance of the scheduled workshops needing to be rearranged by the school, Opportunities Doncaster will do its upmost to support the change however, this would be dependent on our prior scheduled planner.

Please ensure that all supporting teaching staff are fully briefed on the activities to take place prior to delivery and are aware of the desired outcomes.

Please brief students on the activities prior to delivery and distribute resources as and when required (this will be communicated to you by Opportunities Doncaster staff where applicable).

Please remember to update Compass / Tracker with these employer encounters.

OA Virtual Wallet Activity Application Form

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