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Classroom resources optimised to help primary and secondary schools in Doncaster excel in careers education. All of these resources have been designed to help educational establishments reach the Gatsby benchmarks for career provisions

Leisure, Sport and Tourism – World of Work

Healthcare – World of Work

Environment, Animals and Plants – World of Work

Engineering – World of Work

Education and Training – World of Work

Design, Art and Crafts – World of Work

Catering and Hospitality – World of Work

Building and Construction – World of Work

Employability Skills

Secondary School Lesson Plan – Employability Skills – Made it in Doncaster

The future world of work

Secondary School Lesson Plan – The Future World of Work – Made it in Doncaster

Challenging the stereotypes

Secondary School Lesson Plan – Challenging the Stereotypes – Made it in Doncaster

Annual Incomes

Secondary School Lesson Plan – Annual Incomes – Made it in Doncaster

Follow-up lesson - primary

Primary School Lesson Plan – Made it in Doncaster

Suggested Assembly - Primary School

Primary School Assembly Plan – Made it in Doncaster

Unipart Rail LIVE Webinar

Gatsby Benchmark 8 Challenge

Gatsby Benchmark 7 Challenge

Gatsby Benchmark 6 Challenge

Gatsby Benchmark 5 Challenge

Gatsby Benchmark 4 Challenge

Gatsby Benchmark 3 Challenge

Gatsby Benchmark 2 Challenge

April Curriculum Planning Toolkit

Curriculum Planning Toolkit – April 2020

Skanska LIVE Webinar

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