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Parent & Carer Support

As a parent or carer, you have a leading role when your child is making decisions about their career. At Doncaster Chamber we understand the part you have to play in supporting your child as they make decisions around their career pathway.

As a parent/carer, supporting your child as they make these key decisions can be challenging. Young people need to understand the options open to them to help them make the right subject choices and to identify the right path after school to lead them towards a happy and successful career.

Opportunities for parents to get involved

Many of the schools and businesses we work with in Doncaster will be hosting parental engagement events in the coming weeks and months. Visit our events page to find the next opportunity for you to get involved.

How can we support your child?

Find out more on how we work with schools to bridge the gap between Business and Education to support Doncaster's next generation of workers by visiting by viewing the resources in our student support section.

Interested in finding out what Doncaster has to offer?

This Is Doncaster is an animated resource designed to engage and inspire the future workforce and showcase Doncaster as an exciting place to live, work and socialise. The video below showcases Labour Market Information (LMI), local employers, career opportunities and progression routes.

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