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Incorporating Videos Into the School Day

This page contains suggestions for how to use the Made it in Doncaster videos in the school day with minimal disruption to the curriculum.

Careers displays

Create careers displays around school to promote Doncaster Careers Week!

Download the one-page Made it in Doncaster biographies and related lesson resources. Use these to create an interactive careers display.

Encourage students to add post-it notes to the display about what they would like to learn more about. Use their feedback to inform future careers provision.

Careers movie times

Plan a Made it in Doncaster movie screening schedule! Schedule a showing in as many unstructured opportunities as possible. For example, start/finish times, lunchtimes or during form times.

Share the schedule with students in advance so they can plan which screenings they want to attend.

We recommend to have a member of staff present to support students with engagement, information or discussion.

Careers zones

In each zone, organise suitable technology to screen the video (iPad, computer screen, laptop, etc.) and arrange for a table to house post-it notes for students to share their thoughts and feedback on each video. Use this feedback to inform future careers provision.

Drop-down day

Use the Made it in Doncaster videos and the lesson activities to create a Drop-Down Day for a year group.

Split the students into teams to take part in a lesson activity and then rotate students around each station, collating feedback from students on post-it notes to create a feedback zone to inform your future careers provision.

Ask form tutors to review the Made it in Doncaster video biographies and select those which:

  • will appeal the most to their students
  • feature key skills.

Your week could look like:

Play the video(s).

Students to attempt a blank bio to recall the facts from Monday’s video.

See if your students were right – read and discuss the provided corresponding bio.

Discuss the associated labour market information (LMI).

Reflect on knowledge gained.

Replicate the above sequence by sharing the list of Alumni in advance of Doncaster Careers Week and asking students to sign up for the video they would like to watch. In small groups, students to take part in the above sequence in form time.

Lesson plans

Covering 4 different subjects relating to employment in Doncaster

To maximise engagement, provide students with a Made it in Doncaster screening schedule.

Lunchtime screenings

Play the videos with or without sound on a central screen whilst students are eating lunch. Follow up with an opportunity for them to watch the videos in more detail. This could be in class or through a different activity.

Pop-up theatres

Ask year group leads, careers staff or your student council teams to set up a pop-up stand. This could be in a central location or a quiet classroom. Use laptops or tablets to screen the videos.

Encourage students to watch the videos and discuss the content with a member of staff or a peer.

Pastoral use

Use the Made it in Doncaster videos and lesson activities as resources for reflections/isolation provision, alternative provision or provision with a group of students with particular needs (e.g. those at risk of becoming NEET).

Share the plan with pastoral staff ahead of Doncaster Careers Week to inform provision.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?

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