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Follow-up Lesson Plan

Use the Made it in Doncaster follow-up lesson plan to provide an opportunity for pupils to self-assess their own skills set against your school’s values, to learn more about job roles, employers and the world of work in Doncaster and to reinforce the messages shared in the assembly plan.

Step 1

Download the follow-up lesson powerpoint presentation

Step 2

Use the lesson plan below as a guide to deliver the presentation:

  • Recap the assembly and ask pupils to recall key information.
  • Encourage pupils to explore and match the job descriptions on page three of the follow-up lesson PowerPoint resource, either on the board or as a printed resource. Review the answers.
  • Ask pupils to consider how adults make decisions about their jobs. Answers can be written on whiteboards or verbal. Use their thoughts to encourage class discussion. Examples: pursued an interest, listened to careers advice from school staff and adults when they were younger.
  • Pupils to watch the first video link and make notes on mini-whiteboards about how the Alumni figures chose their jobs. Pupils to share these notes in class discussion

Step 3

Additional school-wide activities

  • Pupils come to school dressed as their ‘future self’ in the job they imagine themselves doing in the future.
  • Share your own career journey so far with students, perhaps highlighting a change in career/sector or part-time employment at a younger age.
  • Set up a Careers Club at lunchtime throughout Doncaster Careers Week for pupils to watch the video resources on the Opportunities Doncaster website.

Matthew Robinson & Lavinia Stevenson

Apprentice Electrical Engineer and Apprentice Toolmaker - Polypipe

Industry: Manufacturing and Engineering

Carl Hall

Chief Executive Officer - Doncaster Rugby League

Industry: Sports and Leisure

Martin Clegg

Level 3 Electrical Engineer Apprentice - Next Distribution

Industry: Manufacturing and Engineering

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Enterprise Coordinator

01302 640100

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