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Primary School Assembly Plan

Use our Made it in Doncaster assembly plan and PowerPoint to inspire your pupils about the world of work in Doncaster. Don't forget to use the follow-up lesson plan to reinforce the messages from the assembly!

Step 1

Download the assembly powerpoint presentation

Step 2

Use the assembly plan below as a guide to deliver the assembly PPT:


As pupils enter the assembly, display slide 2 of the assembly plan resource and encourage pupils to consider the thinking question as they wait for the whole group to be seated.

Suggestion: play a song whilst pupils are entering the hall and use as a timer for thinking time. Modern - Rewrite the Stars (The Greatest Showman), classic – Hopes for the Future (Paul McCartney)


Reveal the answer to the thinking question with a whiteboard or a member of staff holding a mini-whiteboard to use the top tips to identify the number.


Show slide 3 and encourage pupils to reflect. Challenge them to consider whether this amount applies to the majority or minority, and calculate the difference between the number of people employed and unemployed. Encourage them to consider reasons for unemployment, e.g. further study, childcare, ill health, etc..

Suggestion: if students guessed the answer right, students to write the answer(s) on a slip of paper at break time and post it in a ballot box outside their classroom. Select a winning entry for a reward, e.g. 10 Dojo points.


Using page 4 of resource, pupils to take part in a game of ‘True or False’ to identify which companies employ people in Doncaster.


Using pages 5 – 10 of resource, students to give a thumbs up or thumbs down as to whether they recognise where these companies are based in Doncaster.

Suggestion: Identify companies which are unfamiliar to students and explore ways these can become more familiar, e.g. Polypipe are currently working alongside waste management companies to support the effective recycling of plastic. A representative from Polypipe support the schools Eco/Recycling club or give a presentation during a recycling lesson/assembly.


Using pages 11 - 12 of resource, pupils to match the photograph of Alumni member with the company they are employed by and which job role they do. Ask pupils to share anything they were surprised by and use as a tool to identify gender stereotypes.

Suggestion: Identify key misconception themes and identify ways these can be addressed. E.g. if pupils thought that only males could work in Warehousing, Rail and Logistics, invite a female member of staff from these sectors to present to pupils in a lesson/assembly.


Using page 13 of resource, pupils to recap key learning points from assembly and staff to encourage pupils to ask staff members/parents about their previous job roles as ways of finding out more.


Statistics included in the PowerPoint are taken from the Nomis Official Labour Market Statistics Website.

Step 3

Review the subjects covered in a follow-up lesson

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?

Contact Danielle Timms

Enterprise Coordinator

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