• Doncaster Chamber comments on the UK's departure from the EU

    As the UK marks its official departure from the European Union, and the start of an 11-month transition period, Dan Fell, Chief Executive at Doncaster Chamber, said:

    “Brexit will create winners and losers throughout the UK’s business communities; therefore, as some firms gear up to maximise new opportunities, others will be working to mitigate risks and head off new challenges.  They key to facing challenges and opportunities alike is being prepared.  In many ways, businesses can only be prepared when Government is prepared and, as such, there remains much for Government to do throughout the transition period to provide clarity and detail about the UK’s future relationship with the rest of the world for the private sector to work with and respond to.

    “The balance between threat and opportunity will be felt in places just as it is within businesses.  In the North of England, and places like Doncaster, we still have comparatively low resilience to economic shocks.  Ardent Remainers and leavers alike will acknowledge that Brexit equates to significant change; that is why Government must come good on its election pledges to invest in the North to make sure we can respond to Brexit in a positive and entrepreneurial manner.

    “Yesterday, the UK’s Aviation Minister – Paul Maynard MP – saw, first hand, the catalytic impact that investing in a loop off the East Coast Mainline to Doncaster Sheffield Airport could have on the region’s economy.  This is exactly the kind of shovel ready scheme that Government could and should be backing to create confidence and an environment for business success as we head into a new era.”

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