• Cyber Defence company moves to Doncaster

    London based Cyber Defence company PocketSIEM are moving their HQ to Doncaster with the aim to create career opportunities in the town and raise Cyber awareness in the region. 

    PocketSIEM is a tech startup that makes cyber defence capabilities accessible to businesses through unique service offerings and payment options. They’ve only been established a little over a year but they have already shaken up the market, with their cheeky advertising poking fun at the competition, and the sheer fact that they are able to significantly undercut rival companies and offer long term payment plans on their service. They even likened themselves to Argos, who also offer similar payment styles and often poke fun at themselves for their boisterous marketing tactics. 

    Doncaster born CEO Eliza-May Austin pledges to create jobs and develop talent in Doncaster, after having to move to London years ago to find opportunities in her area of expertise. 

    “Growing up here in Doncaster was very void of opportunity, especially for kids from poor backgrounds. After training in Digital Forensics I saw a move out of Doncaster as being the only real route to a real career in this space. I’ve never liked the idea that my home town is void of skill, due to a lack of opportunity, I always wanted to create something in Doncaster that would provide those opportunities I never had here.” 

    London based CTO and Co-Founder Stephen Ridgway admits that moving PocketSIEM out of London seemed risky to him at first:

    “One of the biggest challenges facing employers in cyber security, is finding and retaining talent. There is so much competition for employees, we have to think, why would someone with the skills already move to Doncaster? We then developed our own training program, tested it on the market and after the first course sold out, we thought, okay, we can develop the talent in the area natively. Rather than shift people around the country we will be developing it in-house alongside our experienced staff”. 

    PocketSIEM has a number of technical and non technical Job openings towards the end of 2020 and through 2021. They have a discounted offer for businesses in the area to celebrate their Doncaster Launch. Find out more here

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