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Neil Mallinson

Please tell us briefly about your career to date and what you are most proud of achieving.

"My career to date has been in the electrical wholesale and construction business working for one of largest electrical Families in the industry. Working for a private company and starting at the entry level, driving the van I am proud to say I worked my way up to the most senior role in the business. I was asked by the Family to open a wholesale operation in Colorado, USA. And from nothing, myself and the team that I built created a successful business that at the time of leaving to return to the UK to take the reigns at Doncaster Cables was 55 Branches large, with 260 people spanning 4 states.

I joined Doncaster Cables 3 years ago, and after 8 years of consecutive losses we made an operating profit last year and are currently on course to produce another, more significant profit this year after turning the business around through various means.
Doncaster Cables is still part of the same Family, so in many ways whilst having experienced a significant amount of roles within the electrical business I feel have worked for the same company for over 30 years."


What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Doncaster businesses today?

"The biggest challenge facing businesses today is by far the uncertainty that still lingers in the world as we know it today. Whether it be Brexit or pandemic related the possibility of having our businesses effected by politicians or media at a moments notice does not seem to have gone away. The effect the last 18 months has had on our workforce is a significant challenge for many businesses in the borough as there has been a change in the talent pool by way of a variety of factors such as redundancies, furlough and a simple re-focus of personal choice. Furthermore, for certain local businesses, significant supply chain disruptions are currently creating operational difficulties. Being a local manufacturer this is something we try to leverage as supporting product that is made in Yorkshire can typically help navigate these challenges."


What is the best thing about Doncaster and what do you think are the borough’s biggest opportunities?

"One of the best things about Doncaster is its geographical location and its transportation links to the rest of the UK and to the World. Whether by road, rail or air we are within easy reach of many different locations for work or pleasure. Notwithstanding it’s culture of hard working individuals. The opportunity of becoming a City is upon us once more, and this presents us with an opportunity of strengthening our position when attracting businesses and individuals."


What would you like Doncaster Chamber’s priorities to be for the next 12 months?

"I’m finding this one difficult to answer as to do so properly I feel I need to understand more about the Chamber’s current priorities to be able to qualify this. If successful with the nomination I would be able to revisit this in time."


What would you like the Chamber to be famous for in three years’ time?

"Again, difficult to answer not having been involved with the chamber directly before now, but it would be related to helping different types of businesses succeed."

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