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Employer Support


Mentoring schemes offer a valuable contribution to both young people and communities.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is an ongoing relationship between an employer and young person, focusing on personal or career development.

Mentors can help to engage young people in the school, inspire and motivate them, and provide them with meaningful encounters with the world of work. The relationship allows students to develop their employability skills while gaining a close insight into a particular job or sector, whilst the employee experiences the rewards of being a mentor and of sharing their knowledge with enthusiastic students.

Why should I become a mentor?

Mentoring students in Doncaster is your opportunity to inspire young people by passing on your unique experiences, career knowledge and expertise. You’ll be helping to enhance students’ employability and support them whilst they start building a professional network by giving them access to the experience and expertise of someone working in a field that interests them.

Benefits for students

  • Understand priorities for the future.
  • Broaden ideas for the future learning and careers.
  • Improve motivation.
  • Explore options at the end of Year 11 and beyond and develop a plan.
  • Improve study skills.
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