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Edward Christian Oluromi

Please tell us briefly about your career to date and what you are most proud of achieving.

"I have a Diploma in Business Administration 1992-1994. I started working with my dad’s company magpie limited, a conglomerate, involved in training, sales and quarry. 1994-1999. I have always worked in managerial positions, pioneered offices in different cities. 2000-2003 Worked with banks doing warehousing facilities to the tone of the equivalent of five thousand pounds turn over weekly while working in telecommunication. 2003-2007

Director Ed Change Limited till date

I am most proud of the successes we have achieved working as a team leader and the sheer joy of making records and breaking records was a thing that inspired our efforts to do more in enhancing every company I have worked for and that inspiration still drives me."


What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Doncaster businesses today?

"Doncaster business are striving with the few resources available to them, especially with the assistance of the chamber of commerce, the biggest challenge is the successful recognition status of a city, this will attract more investors, because as a town, we have all the ingredient to successfully strive and make significant transformation with businesses, this is the right time for us to stand, lobby and use all the resources available to us and overcome this hurdle."


What is the best thing about Doncaster and what do you think are the borough’s biggest opportunities?

"Doncaster is strategically positioned with motorways, rail network routes and a aerospace which are vital means for businessmen, their services and other raw materials necessary for business development, with these few highlights, businesses/goods and services will lead to economical progress. The M18, A1 are major motorway routes that criss crosses major cities especially with those who like vehicular transportation, The rail network is another major opportunity."


What would you like Doncaster Chamber’s priorities to be for the next 12 months?

"Staff of the Doncaster Chambers have been doing a great job with the several business meetings they organise to educate, network, support and inspire her members are praise worthy, I would like to reiterate that her priorities should be what they have been doing within the next twelve months, as her members are benefitting immensely from these organised meetings for business owners, where they meet with other business owners of the same trade or utterly different trade, knowing what other members of Doncaster Chambers do and know who and where to find them is such  an amazing opportunity."


What would you like the Chamber to be famous for in three years’ time?

"Doncaster Chambers is known for inspiring success in business, Doncaster Chambers modus operandi is a hub of comprehensive and robust with informative activities to enable businesses strive, we need to ensure we retain and support every business registered with the chambers especially within ethnic minorities, trying to fill the nomination form for business owners within my community has been a challenge, what I hear is that I used to be a member of chambers but I am no longer a member, this may be due to reasons best known to them, in my search for ethnic minority business owners, I met a business owner who because of my praise for the support businesses get for been members of the chambers, has made up his mind to re-register his business, the business is in Copley road Doncaster, I told him to register as a silver membership."
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