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Employer Support

CV Workshops

Help support students to develop their CV and cover letter. By meeting with a real-life professional, students can ask questions and further their understanding of what is required and what is seen as best practice in the world of work.

What are CV workshops?

CV workshops are interactive workshops that can offer individual or group support to help students build a CV and cover letter that matches their skills and aspirations. By supporting young people articulate their skills and knowledge to create effective and impactful CVs, you're helping to increase their chances of securing future employment, apprenticeships or further study.

Why should I hold a CV workshop?

As an employer, your support is important as it gives Doncaster's young people an insight into what local employers are looking for whilst reinforcing the importance of having a strong CV.

You aren’t expected to bring CV templates with you as the school should provide these materials. However, if you wanted to bring along some examples of good practice they may be helpful. Talking to the educators before the event starts is one of the best ways to make sure that you are fully prepared.

Benefits for students

Transition skills events, like CV workshops, are designed to improve young people's understanding of how the labour market works whilst developing job seeking skills. Reports suggest that workshops like these have a positive impact and can help develop young people's confidence, resilience and occupational awareness.

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