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Employer Support

Careers Webinars

Engage with young people and educators in a virtual capacity. Offer the same level of support and guidance to the next generation of workers from the convenience of your work premises.

What is it?

Our Employer Webinars can follow the structure outlined in our Employer Assemblies or Employer Classroom talks depending on your intended audience and outcome. The only difference is that the employer will be speaking to your students via an online video conference platform.

Why should I offer a webinar?

Webinars are great way to have successful engagement with students and teachers whilst also having minimal impact resource this can be delivered from the workplace. This will also give students an insight into the world of work where face to face communication can be achieved through a virtual capacity.

Benefits for students

Advantages to hosting an employer talk virtually rather than face-to-face include:

  • Being able to engage with employers who may be outside of your immediate geographical area
  • Students see the employer in their normal working environment
  • Many employers now use video technology to interview candidates so it is a good experience for your students to learn how to communicate via video conferencing.
  • Sessions can be recorded for you to use again or refer to at a later date.
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