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Please feel free to contact any member of our team on the contact details found below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Board of Directors can be found here.


Name (click on each name for LinkedIn profile)



Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dan Fell


01302 640133

Head of Finance and Company Secretary

Claire Chadbourne


01302 640126

Head of Policy and Communications Kate Chouings kchouings@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640104

Policy and Communications Executive

Rebecca Leam


01302 640137

Head of Membership and Business Services

Jemma Richardson


01302 640130

Membership and Business Services Executive

Steve Kitchman


01302 640135

Business and Education Adviser (HR/HS)

Caroline Bond


01302 640100

Membership and International Trade Adviser

Lynda Monaghan


01302 640124

Head of Business and Education

Tina Slater


01302 640123

Business and Education Adviser Catherine Matthews cmatthews@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640127

Business and Education Officer

Rachael McEwan


01302 640127

Membership and Business Services Executive

Amy Rutherford


01302 640132

Business and Education Officer Asa Buckley abuckley@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640125
Membership and Business Services Officer Shannan Errington serrington@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640100
Finance Assistant Sophie Moore smoore@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640102
Membership and Business Services Apprentice Paige Simpson  psimpson@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640106
Enterprise Coordinator  Zoe Catterall zcatterall@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 247325
Enterprise Coordinator (Opportunity Area) Lee Douglas ldouglas@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 247325
Business and Education Apprentice Lucy Pinder lpinder@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640127
Membership & Events Executive Rebecca Nightingale rnightingale@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640105
Business & Education Adviser Craig Atkin catkin@doncaster-chamber.co.uk 01302 640103

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