Free2Learn is a pioneering organisation that’s focused on providing worthwhile, vocational training to jobseekers, compliance training to individuals and businesses, and workforce development programs. 

Candidates that are properly prepared for the workplace are more likely to succeed in today’s competitive jobs market – even entry-level positions require training and key skills. This is why we are proud to work with JCPS, colleges and institutes in further education to provide worthwhile, practical qualifications for a range of sectors.

We have a 98% achievement rate across different qualifications and we successfully train over 10,000 unemployed nationally every year with around 1,000 in and around Doncaster. Additionally, all of our vocational courses are fully accredited and learners receive nationally recognised qualifications.

Once in work, Free2Learn supports individuals and companies with ongoing career development.. We also offer a suite of online and classroom training to ensure employers remain compliant with industry and legal requirements.

Here at Free 2 Learn, we aim to develop the prosperity and well-being of the learners in our care and to support the economic growth of the employers and industries we serve.

Our overriding mission is supported by a shared set of agreed values:

Customer Service: Offering the highest levels of service to both learners and employers

Ambition: continuous enhancement through innovation

Respect: a welcoming culture that celebrates diversity

Excellence: professionalism that places learners at the heart of everything we do and the decisions we make

Enterprise: a drive and determination to turn ideas into reality

Responsibility: to each other and the clients we serve

We are committed to bridging the skills gap and reducing the unemployment rate throughout the Doncaster region, by supporting individuals into work and working with local employers to ensure individuals have received work ready training that meets employers needs. 

Doncaster is an exciting and vibrant place to be, with growing opportunities available to job seekers, and we see it as our role to provide worthwhile training that supports learners into work and employers in their recruitment needs.   

In addition to this, it is equally important to keep people in work, which is why we support individuals and businesses through our tailored workforce development programs. Areas that we support include, Maths, English, Customer Service and Management 

In addition to this, we have a beauty academy in the form of Discover Beauty by Free 2 Learn, which is housed at our Hall Gate site.

The academy provides nail technology courses, allowing budding nail technicians to become fully qualified and start work within the beauty industry.

Free 2 Learn is proud to be Patrons of the Doncaster Chamber and looks forward to many successful years ahead.


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