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View the latest results of the Q2 2018 survey: Results in full.   Summary of results.

The Doncaster Business Insight Survey captures a regular snapshot of business sentiment on the local economy and hot business matters.  Results are shared anonymously with local, regional and national policy makers and influencers to ensure your business voice is heard, any important issues are addressed, and the right policies/structures are in place to support your business and the economy. The survey results feed into the British Chambers of Commerce national Quarterly Economic Survey which acts as a significant economic indicator.  


Doncaster Business Insight Breakfast

Each quarter the results of the Doncaster Business Insight Survey will be presented against a backdrop of current affairs in Doncaster. A high profile keynote speaker and panel of local business leaders will discuss hot business matters that are impacting on the local/regional/national economy with opportunities for questions and answers from the floor. This event is particularly suitable for business leaders.

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Doncaster Business Insight Roundtables

Each month Doncaster Chamber members are invited to discuss a hot business matter with a respective stakeholder / policy maker. This is an opportunity to voice your aspirations and concerns and shape business policy at a local, regional and national level. Past round table discussions have included: Town Centre Planning, Brexit, Digital Connectivity, Wellbeing in the Workplace, Skills & Education Initiatives. 

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British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is the largest and longest-running business survey in the UK and is a powerful tool for representing the voice of business to Government.

At the national level, it’s a leading indicator – often picking up big changes in the economy long before other surveys or official statistics: 

• The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee uses the QES as one of its key benchmarks when setting interest rates. 

• HM Treasury and the independent Office for Budget Responsibility use the QES to put together their forecasts for the UK’s economic performance. 

• The European Commission uses the QES to assess the health of the UK economy when it makes policy recommendations for both Westminster and Brussels. 

The previous national QES results can be found here:

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